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Ultrasonic Beauty LTD 214 Acton Lane NW10 7NH London

Ultrasonic Beauty specializes in cosmetics designed to be used by professionals in beauty salons.We offer wide range of cosmetic gels made of the most luxurious ingredients to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We also offer beauty devices for home and professional use. Renowned for reliable delivery, great prices and highest quality products.

We have over 6 years of experience in cosmetics and beauty devices and now our products are enjoyed in many countries around the world. With our range of massagers, scrubbers and accompanying gels and serums you can chose and tailor your treatment to your own unique requirements.


Ultrasonic Beauty LTD
24 Oak Street
Shawforth, Lancashire OL12 8NP
United Kingdom
Phone number: 07783800360
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Trade Register Number: 08893243
Given at Companies House, Cardiff, on 13th February 2014.
Registrar of Companies for England and Wales
VAT Number: GB184212619