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Who we are

Ultrasonic Beauty is an innovative product developer and online cosmetic store with experience and a commitment to quality. Since 2014, we've been creating cosmetics designed to boost the effectiveness of beauty treatments. Our products (like our best-selling Ultrasound Gel with Hyaluronic Acid) are developed in collaboration with beauticians, dermatologists and our customers themselves.


Why we do what we do

Driven by a passion for anti-aging therapies, we started selling beauty devices in 2012. Customers would often ask which cosmetics to use with them; we realised that the few products available came with a high price tag. We wanted to address this need for safe, high-quality, affordable cosmetics, so we created a product range made using the best ingredients, naturally sourced whenever possible.


Our unique cosmetics...

Our first product, Ultrasound Gel with Hyaluronic Acid, remains our most popular - a testament to its effectiveness and desirability. Slim Gel and Mesotherapy Serum were then developed, as our range expanded to match the latest beauty trends.
Today, we sell a variety of beauty products online for aesthetic and medical treatments, as well as home-use devices like our ultrasound massager. Our conductive gel products are designed to increase the beautifying effects of ultrasound, radio frequency, microcurrent and galvanic facials, IPL, laser and depilation treatments, micro needling and mesotherapy.

...and their benefits

Our collagen gel and serum with hyaluronic acid target wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our algae mask works to nourish dehydrated skin. Acne, capillary issues, sun/environmental damage and redness/irritation can all be tackled with our products. We also sell IPL gel for laser treatments.
We like to stay ahead of the cosmetics curve so continually bring fresh new products to our global customer base. Our ultrasound  skin scrubber is an example of how we make trending beauty treatments accessible for all our customers.


Our mission and values

We aim to bring advanced, pro-quality, affordable skincare to beauty clinics and home users.
Quality: our products are developed for maximum effectiveness. They contain high concentrations of top-quality ingredients

Innovation: we're at the forefront of the latest aesthetic industry trends. Our unique formulas are created by specialists and beauticians
Safety: our products are made in accordance with strict European laws that govern the manufacture of cosmetics in terms of quality, formulas, packaging and labelling
Customer Care: we welcome queries and aim to give you a comprehensive answer within 24 hours, whether you're buying personal products or beauty salon supplies
Ease of Use: we want you to enjoy using our products, but we also care about the environment. So all our cosmetics are contained in large, easy to dispense, recyclable packaging
Satisfaction: your happiness matters! Our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Cruelty-Free: we don't test on animals and we use natural ingredients whenever possible
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